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Y61 auto tranmission


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1 hour ago, Busterblocks said:

G'day team, my Y61 (2000) auto seems to "shudders" when it goes to overdrive(5th)now?

300,000 kms of perfect driving over the years, so maybe (maybe) a Fluid filter could be the answer?

Thanks from Busterblocks

I would appreciate any advice from any members please.


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The auto trans is not 5 speed with ZD30 (Only with TB48 Ti). the OD gear is 4th. I'd check when was the last time the transmission service was carried out. I'd also check condition of the fluid. Other then that autos are not for the faint hearted and I'd probably  be looking at asking specialist. Judging by the age and distance traveled I'd consider transmission overhaul.

By any chance you'd tow a caravan/camper trailer with it? If you are ask yourself how many times you did that with OD engaged. Its the unwritten sin towing in OD.

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Thank you RJ. An automatic service is on cards. I change the Fluid every 80K, and use O/D when towing small trailer. The vehicle is original with ZD engine, injectors, glow plugs etc, transmission,and with improvements you have advised over the years, so i love the way she goes like a rocket, 300000K, still!  Thanks again!

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