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Heater Box Air Filter

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I've always wanted some way to filter dust and other crap that enters through the air vents, and so that I can go about with the vent in the open position. Up till now, I've tried to think of everything and come up with nothing. Then by pure happenstance, someone posted a thread about cleaning just such a filter and my prayers were answered.

And to make things even easier, Nissan now sell these filters (Filter Kit B727C-79925), which I assume fit all models of GU, as the system looks the same to me. Installation is a breeze and doesn't take long at all.

The two filters as supplied (which included the all important 'clip'):


The glove box was easy to remove, no need to take out the lid separately, as the unit came out as a whole by removing seven screws. This photo shows the piece that has to be removed with a Stanley knife or the like (you do it in three steps, take the vertical pieces off first and then the centre piece):


Once the plastic has been removed, there's a clean slot for inserting the filters. Inside are premoulded grooves for the filters, as well as locating lugs for locking in the filters:


Once the filters have been inserted, you use the clip to lock them in place. The diagram that comes with the filters shows the clip going on the bottom, but when I did this, the top filter was clearly able to rattle. So I inverted the bottom filter and, even thought the mating surface wasn't quite right, it went in as easily as the other way round. The clip then seated home perfectly in the middle where the fliters joined and there was no movement.


There's a foam surround on the face of each filter, so that the filter seals with the air box.

I'll add this diagram (which the is most important one) to illustrate exactly what has to be cut, in case the photos aren't quite clear enough:




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I followed your guide on the other forum a while ago Ray and did this mod on my 2001 GU2. Everything lines up and works sweet. Nissan in Adelaide did have to order them their Melbourne warehouse overnight.

No more turning the fan on after belting down a dirt road and getting covered in dust!


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