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GUII Rear Door Table 2

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Hi Guys i will attempt to throw up as much detail as i can.

This is the table i made for my GUII. Should be same for other models but double check sizes first.

Being stainless means it is easy to keep clean, and you can also put hot things striaght onto it if need (billy, camp oven, pots etc)

I use it as a chopping board and everything.


1.2mm stainless splashback 865mm x 420mm(got from sheet metal place)

1.2mm stainless table 820mm x 415mm with 7mm folded and welded edge (got from sheetmetal place)

1 peice of 7mm ply 900mm x 450mm (trimmed to fit under table)

Contact adhesive

1 Piano hinge ( i used stainless one)

Marine carpet to cover ply

2 wire eye straps

1.2mm stainless leader wire (got from BCF)

Wire crimps (got from BCF)

1 Latch (as in pictures)




Grinder with thin cutting blade

Rivit gun


Paint brush (cheap)

Circular saw

Stanley Knife

Pliers or crimpers

Now i apologise that i do not have any pics of me actually making this, don't think about this till after. I did get a few midway though.

Cut plywood to size to fit on underside of table and glue in with contact adhesive. I clamped it and sat weight on it overnight till it dried.

Drill 3mm hole in edge in prep for wire stays later


When that is done cover ply with marine carpet.

Remove plastic trim at top off door.

Remove door trim if you wish and to look at were wires etc are.( I fitted my splashback over the door trim as it the slashback doesnt cover the whole door. about 40mm short at the bottom, so when table is fitted it does not foul on pinch mould when door is closed. 40356888.jpg

Hold Splashback into postion and mark the top righthand edge to trim off with the grinder. (edge of door angles back in)

Once back is cut and happy with where it will sit on door( Mine is **mm short from bottom and sits just high enough that the plastic trim when refitted will sit over the top edge),


attach the hinge to the "Table" side first.


I wanted it so you didn't see the hinge, so all you see is the knuckle. So the hinge is fitted to the table through the back egde with rivits. It is fiddly as you only have 7 mm to work with.

Once done, Hold the splash back under hinge and mark holes piano hinge and drill. (only as many fixings as you wish. I did every hole)

Fit slashback to door using only a couple off rivits at top to start with.

Then you can fit table and hinge to bottom of splash back. You want the hinge to go behind the splash back, and attach with rivits in 2 holes only. You can do all rivits once all fitted and fit splashback to door. (i used 3 rivets down each side and a few across the top


Have a piece of timber to support table

With the top trim still off you want to fit these to top of door frame with rivits


and cut slots in trim where needed and mark holes for latch (i put thin peice of ali on back of trim for something the screws could bit into) and refit. Attach leader wire to table using crimp and feed though eye at top at fit off a required length with crimp


Close top and fit latch to bottom of table


Finished Product



I also fitted LED Strip to around top of door frame before i did the table.



Cheers olly

Hope you can all make sense of all that scribble. :)

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