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My Gu3


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Hiya All

Thought I may as well whack some pics/info up on my truck.. I like it... but then again I am bias... B);)

Brief run down...

2003 GU ST Patrol 3lt DI


· Dobinson 4-5 inch springs

· Tough dog 9 stage adjustable shocks

· Superior engineering drop boxes

· Superior engineering panhard rods etc

· Sway bar disconnects

· BGF M/T’s 285 75 16


· 2.5 straight through exhaust

· TJM snorkel

· Oil catch can

· Intercooler fan

· BDS dual battery system

· Twin Hiclones

· Turbo timer

· Delphi water trap


· Nissan winch bar

· Runva 11,000lb winch

· Hella spotties

· ARB air locker

· Bolseys Rock Sliders

· Billett diff breathers

· ARB under bonnet air compressor – with air lead to front bar for tire inflation

· Coupler Tec electronic prevention

· Rear tow bar

· Rear Anderson plug

· Ironman instant large awning

· Rear camping light incorporated into factory lights

· Cargo barrier

· Roof pod

· 55 litre upright water tank

· Rear draws – wired with water pump and lights

· LED interior lighting


· GME UHF radio

· Pioneer sound system with 6 inch screen and reverse camera

· DVD player

· 180 watt 3 way speakers

· Bluetooth mobile connection

· MY75 navigator




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Yeah I pretty much leave the shelf in all the time now that we are kidless.. Its easier for the dogs to get in and out of and gives them more room in the back. Also... I am too lazy to keep swapping the seats/shelf over all the time... :rolleyes:

A picture will not really do any justice of the rear camping/reverse light... It just looks from the outside like a factory rear light, I just incorporated into them some HID bulbs on a 3 way switch that I can operate from the cab. (on/Off/On when in reverse) So I can use them as camp lights or floodlights when trying to reverse in the bush. I did it cause I didnt want the pole that sits off the tyre carrier.

Otherwise I have just put LED lights in all the internal light sockets, and a LED light to hang over the fridge when camping.

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I just used self drilling metal screws mate. Pre drill it first with a smaller drill bit if you need too.

Or, I was thinking, I could just use some self tapping metal screws, and pre drill with a smaller drill bit if I need to? That might work.

Its not plagiarism if you modify a few words in the statement.. honest... :DB):o:huh:;):)

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