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  1. Or on a more positive note, there is also a good chance of having a trouble free 4x4 experience like myself coming up for seven years of ownership on a 04 zd30 ,I have replaced a belt tensioner and that is about it. Sure I've fitted nads ( wasn't that expensive)but mainly because I freaked out when I heard all the horror stories about the zd30 which I didn't know before, not that the car was running bad before this it was running fine as it still is to this day. I also know 4 other owners of zd30 s one of them being my old boy and they have had the same trouble free experience. I do use mine as a 4x4 been to the cape ( going again next year) manor park, cruiser park, glass house etc, even flooded the motor at manor park due to a not so sealed snorkel ( thanks TJM ). While at the same time I've had two late model hilux's ( work cars) both around the 130,000 km mark where the motor has failed ,plus more cvs fail than I can remember , and they don't even go 4x4ing. So I guess you take your chances as you do with any car I'm sure there are a lot more people with my experience than there are with a bad one. Sorry it's a bit off topic but thought it would be good to share a good story for the poor old zd for a change. Cheers.
  2. New Millweld rear bar, wheel carrier and work light. Gotta say Millweld make a great quality bar. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I really don't get what the big deal is, if u don't like a post or it's contents just don't comment on it , it's that simple! Concentrate on the positive posts people make and ignore the bad , the rest will sort itself out. ( common sense isn't so common )
  4. Hey that's exactly the spot I made it to! Before I dug a big hole and got stuck! Luckily a bloke camped on the other side in a blue gq snatched me out.
  5. No I don't think I have seen a jackaroo yet but I will keep an eye out.
  6. Yeah I was first through in our convoy. Was a few other cars that got plenty of water through them that day aswell luckily no serious damage.
  7. Well we've made it to the top!! I've stuffed me rear bumper( was expecting this) but drowned the troll at noelns. !! Spewin was my own fault wrong line and in the excitement didn't let my tyres down!!(was at 22 psi) Only water in the cab truck still going well ( air bag light flashing) hopefully will go once it dries out a bit. Stayed at cape Melville for a few nights caught a good feed of salmon !! Staying at loyalty beach now for a few nights , awesome spot ! Will post pics when I get home. Cheers.
  8. Yeah will post pics of trip when I get back home. Now off to sleep and off to lions den via the Bloomfield track tomorrow. Happy camper signing out.
  9. Just finished packing up the troll for our cape trip, it's taken 3 long years but I'm finally goin can't wait. Head off at 3am tomorrow morn. We have 2 gu zd30's a 76 series ute and a 200 series in the convoy, hopefully I get to rescue the 200 series and catch a couple of barra.
  10. Yeah will give that a go tomorrow. Cheers.
  11. Hi all, does anyone have a thought to what might cause a low idle rpm, its a 03 zd30 auto and it idles at only 400 rpm , also when you select a gear on flat ground it won't idle forward or back , drives well no other issues, could this be related to timing? Any thoughts? Cheers.
  12. I just replaced mine at 127000 water had made it into housing turning the grease to muck.
  13. I have a set of nissan alloys they are from series 3 though.
  14. I've put mine on the dash with double sided tape and ran the cord down in between the dash and the door trim then into kick panel where I zippy tied it all up. Cheers.
  15. Nice job on the rear bar mate.
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