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Which awning


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Hey guys

In the market for an awning, not a fox wing just a standard one to go on the side of my gq

Any info, brand advise etc what's good what's not info posted here would be great

And sizing too, what do u find works and is bi enough to keep a swag dry in rain?

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I've got an "Open Sky" but I think they're all much the same (Ironman, arb, etc). 2.5x2m and about $250 last year from a local shop. A bit expensive but I've spent more since and now get a pretty good deal. I've seen a few with swags under awnings and they swear by them.

my 2 cents. get it off the net.

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I bought mine from this guy on ebay


I also got my rooftop tent from him. When i put mine next to my mates who got his from ARB noone can tell the difference (apart from the sticker, and his wallet is lighter)..

Mine goes from the front of my snorkel to the back of the car, heaps of room for he swag or people to huddle under while waiting for the Patrol meet up to start :)

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Yeah I have seen that store mate but no stock currently

U guys are not making it easy, 3 replays and 3 different awnings so far


I spoke with him (pinacle Wholesalers) when i bought all my gear on the phone. He said he gets the gear from the same place as ARB, but ARB just put their sticker on it and sell it for more. They might also order different color material. I got mine a couple of years ago now, the awning has been on the car the whole time and while it has a few scratches and stuff from being treated pretty ordinarily on the side of the Patrol, it has held up well. No tears or bends, zip in cover still works well.

From what im seeing on the roofs of 4wd's, the rooftop tents are getting thinner. Mine isnt too bad unless i have the annexe and bedding in there..

Good luck, shop around and i hope you get a bargain! If you are after Ironman i think OL have them, so does the other dave at bordertrek (no affiliation, just bought stuff from them before and got good service)

And... because you dont have one yet, here is a few pics of what you have in store...






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mike, I had mine custom made by a local canvas guy. 15oz aussie canvas with 3 x adjustable galv poles. Was under $300. I will admit that it is not quite as quick and convenient as the mass market ones because I have to use guy ropes (usually 3, but in extreme weather I use all 5), but it will last a life time. I leave it off the GQ most of the time and when I go on a trip I just install it on the awning track. Will see if I have any pic's, but by the time the awinngs up I'm usually into a few brews and forget to take piccies lol.

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I have the black widow side and rear awning. they are a lot more expensive that the other brands mentioned but IMHO the black widow are very good product(just a happy customer)

the choice is how much do you want to spend and how often are you going to use it.

There is no use getting the cheapest one out their and having it fall to pieces after a couple of outings.



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