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Photoshoot of Your Vehicle.


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I just had an idea I thought I'd throw out there to see what level of interest there may be.

I was wondering about organising a Photo day for people to bring their Vehicles along (Patrol or otherwise) and have them properly Photographed like would be done for a magazine.

There would be quite a few options with this but the aim would be to give people professional quality shots like in car mags ( or better) of their own vehicle.

Everything from a single pic for a poster could be shot or a full detail coverage showing a few angles, interiour, engine etc.

Images could be put on Disk or printed as fully edited and enhanced poster size prints and everything in between.

If there was sufficent interest, I could arrange a model to pose with the cars.

Owners could also have their Girlfriend, wife, ( or both, together or at different times) Boyfriend, themselves with their vehicle or the whole family as a lifestyle portrait.

The idea would be to organise a location somewhere around the greater Sydney area and book people in.

Ballpark prices would be around $150 for a basic poster size print but if there is interest I can sit down and work out some packages and put together a full price list.

I have shot for various car mags in the past so know how to get the best angles etc and also have a full lighting set I can take onsite to get the best pics and detail possible.

To help with the running of this forum, I'd be happy to donate 10% of sales to help with the expenses in operating the site.

It could be run as the first Mypatrol get together with a BBQ and Meet and greet to make the day more enjoyable and added value for the travel.

Would anyone be interested?

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can we choose the model? I'll have Aria Giovanni.

No problems with supplying your own. :)

She isn't my Cuppa tea but your pictures so you can have whomever you like.

If you can afford her, the forum commission on your order ought to keep it going for quite some time!

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