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Winch size for 4.2TD

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What size winch would one reccommend for a 4.2TD with a few bells and whistles - like cargo cage on top, rear bar with two spares on it, bull bar with winch (obviously)

Is a 9000 pound big enough or does it need to be bigger?

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I had an XD9000 on my GU, no worries, most reliable winch I've owned. Although it had less rating than my 12,000lb Tigerz11, it never BROKE, it burnt out an old solenoid from spending a few hours winching, was full of mud and shit, but the Warn never stopped. The 12,000lb Tigerz11 on the other hand, one not so heavy pull (stuck on slick hard pack clay) and it busted the drive coupling from the motor to the gearbox. Absolute true blue piece of chinese crap. Warranty was poo and I never looked back, Warn and happy.

Well, until I lent the Warn to a mate, didn't get it back, modified the Tigerz11 with Aldi 9,500lb internals and have been using it ever since (about 12 months). The Aldi Brake slips sometimes but still pulling with the heavier duty Aldi internals.

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