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SA Combined 4x4earth trip 26/27 May

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The guys at 4x4 Earth have organised a trip to the new 4x4 property that we have all been waiting for to open, before it officially opens!

I have been on a few trips with these guys and they are keen 4wders with 4wd's from standard to pretty heavily modified. Every trip i have been on has been well organised, and the people attending have been friendly and helpful.

It promises to be a great weekend, You can either go up for a day, or camp out on the property (ill be swagging it near a fire i reakon!)

Please post your attendance here in this thread, and if you can head over to the link below and introduce yourself as a common courtesy.

Lets get these SA Patrols out on the tracks!!


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We have canned that trip after concerns were raised about the management of the property and insurance. Will go there one day when its sorted out.

Trip has been moved to Willangi, ive never been there but i cant find any links to any knarley tracks there... anyone got any info on it? Its near peterbough and oorroroo.

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