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Admin's new Camping Spit


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Courier delivered my new camping spit today.

Its called an AUSPIT - Aussie made - stainless steel.

Comes in a bag about the same size as a camping chair so its dead easy to pack. You can use charcol or cook directly over a campfire. Cant wait to use it.





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8kg it will hold.. The shafts are both solid stainless - Very thick. It will bow down a little. Checkout their website - www.auspit.com.au (shithouse website, or www.auspitbbq.com - the US site with videos

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LoL @ the photo.

If I was a kangaroo and I was standing next to a fire that had the dismembered corpse of one of my skippy mates slowly (yet succulently) rotating I'd be like WTF too :)


Only thing better is the glass of Shiraz that goes along with it :)

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