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Forum Name Changes (minor)


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Today I updated a few of the forum names and descriptions - thanks to the member who sent me details of the inaccuracies of the older names and descriptions.

Unfortunatly I dont know who the member was - Ive been keeping the changes that they requested in a text file on my desktop for weeks but cannot work out who sent them to me. Whoever it was, thanks.

Your suggestion of sub categories for engine types - Not sure about this one?

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Dunno about others but I wouldn't have a clue about catergories most of the time. I just look at the new content since I was here last and have a read of what interests me.

It's only when I go to post a new thread I look at catergories and frankly the less I have to look at to decide where is best to put something the better I like it.

I wouldn't really care if there was only one catergory because the way I look at new posts that's the way it comes out anyhow and I pick what looks good from there. I was reading something Ray posted the otehr week on the 3L even though I don't have one. Wasn't relative to my engine but I found it to be a good and interesting read regardless.

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