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This radiator?

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Not sure about that exact one though mikegq.. I'd feel a bit funny about getting one from Malaysia! Aluminium sounds fancy though!

I replaced my OEM rad with one from natrad (I think).. its been really good..

Still have the old one in the shed if anyone wants it, don't know if it would fit a gq though..

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-IF- you go bush/ outback a lot, I think it would be safer to stick to a copper core radiator that you can solder up if you need to make a repair.

Then again, I don't go bush or outback so you would also want to weigh up how common holed radiators are. if they are rare, then a can of bars lears etc may be insurance enough to get you back to civilisation.

I holed an aluminium radiator before and thought I could get it welded up. When I rang some people that advertised ally rad welding they told me that was only for trucks because the ally in car radiators was too thin to work with.

I know ally does radiate heat a lot better than copper which was against what I thought. Also the one in the pic seems to have nice large end tanks and the total volume in a rad can be a benifit over a smaller volume as well.

The one in the pic has lots of flat mounting surfaces so I would be trying to mount the thing with the best contact to the support panel to use that as a heat sink as itself. I have seen some race buggy setups where the tube frame transports the water and acts as a radiator heat sink in itself allowing a smaller radiator to be used saving weight and allowing for more optimal location.

I'm going to go the commodore radiator modification come the warmer months. Been looking into that some more and I like the idea of going with electric fans as well The commodore radiator is capeable of sinking over 4 times the output of the engine so will never run hot.

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