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blakes 2005 gu


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gday fellas

just thought id introduce myself before posting anything else.

i'm blake. i'm from thornton nsw and i have just purchased a 2005 zd30 gu patrol.

i absolutly love it, i owned a 1995 coil cab gq and a navara before this car but this one is the best by far.

its completely stock atm but thats soon to change and im hopeing to add most of the mods i do to the diy section.

anyway just saying hi i hope this forum can get up and running and have a large knowledge base soon



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I don't know what it is with the 3 litre. I was really impressed with it towing the camper and on long hauls with the awesome economy. And then it blew up and cost me $8,000. Lol.

But I just love it. Much better than my gu 4.2 I had. Hated driving that thing it was such as slug...


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