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Replacing Glow plugs ZD30


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I have done the glow plug timer mod and have received my new glow plugs - pretty keen to put them in tomorrow morning.

The patrol4x4.com forum seems to be dead again (it had the guide on there) so im at a loss about the glow plug replacement procedure.

Can anyone spell it out for me?

Im guessing that ill just need to remove the intercooler, and maybe part of the inlet manifold to get to the plugs. Any other tips and tricks? Ive got a torque wrench so can use that to tighten up the new plugs.


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It shouldn't be too hard. The intercooler needs to be removed and I think it'll be a good idea to disconnect the positive terminal of the battery, as the glow plugs gererally have a major power cable, somewhat like a bus bar, connecting each one. After the power cable is removed, via the connecting nuts, the rest just requires removal of the holding clamps, as looking at my manual, the glow plugs don't screw in, so there must be some other form of clamping device. I'd spray each glow plug with WD40 before trying to remove anything, as they are in a high heat area, so the WD40 will loosen things and reduce the chance of anything breaking.



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Make sure you have "Neverseez" paste ready to apply to the threads on the new plugs before fitment if they're not coated with anything.

I'm sure seeing pics of glow plugs before they do have threaded section on them so they are screwed in to the head.


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