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Visa Required for NZ?


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I have been asked to go to NZ for a weekend to shoot an event there.

I don't have a current passport atm ( and believe I don't need one) but do I have to have a visa ?

If so, how long would it take to get? The job is at the end of October so I'd need it by then.

I looked on the Nz travel website but It wasn't clear to me what the requirements are so hoping some of the well travelled can tell me.

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I had that arse up then.

Thanks for that.

Might be worth getting them anyway. Landed a huge deal today and things have been going well so I was thinking about taking the family to Disneyland next year.

Or we could stay home and I could buy myself a really nice Gq! :D

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The Mrs went today to get the passport applications. Last night she was very in 2 minds.

She didn't tell me she decided to go, just she got the Applications. That's her way of saying yes.

At this stage we are thinking of going and doing the event and spending a week there and having a look around.

I'll have to see what accommodation etc is worth over there.

I have never been anywhere before so it will be a learning curve.

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Aussies are the same as us...kiwis can travel to Aust with a passport and no visa required - vice versa for you guys.

If you're considering Christchurch as part of your NZ visit Glort then feel free to pm me...my wife & I will see you right for somewhere to stay.

Can't guarantee it but will try to organise something 4wd as well.

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Thanks very much twodiffs. That is incredibly nice of you.

Unfortunately I'll be up the other end in Auckland. Might just do the north Island as I'm not sure how long I can be there yet. I have also been asked to do an event in Brisbane the following weekend and then I scored another big job here today which I have booked to start that week after Bris. I am then booked solid, every single day till well into December. I'm going to need the Holiday after not before!

I'd welcome any tips on what to see up there and not to bother with though. I have a lot to look up and educate myself on before we go. I'll definitely be buying a new cam and lens to take with me!

Thanks again for the offer though. I do appreciate it greatly.

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I'd get GQ instead, Disneyland and that part of the world is sooo over rated.

Good luck in your ad ventures ;)


Still might go to Disneyland. The kids want to see it. So many of out friends and family have been there, I'd like them to be able to see what they are talking about.

I'm in a couple of minds with Vehicles atm.

The mrs would like a Merc. Can't decide if she wants an E class or an ML. Both are really nice and as they both come in diesel versions I can run on oil, I don't give a damn either way.

My business has taken off ridiculously and after struggling for years with being crook and poor, I now have a lot more options than I have had in a long time. I may need a van yet. If I get the Mrs a Merc then my son will probably want her car and we'll have the one He's getting in a couple of weeks spare.

I wouldn't mind something nicer to drive round in than the truck around the suburbs as it can be hard work sometimes and when I go into the city to look after a couple of buildings, it literally wont physicaly fit in most of the parking bays and I have to execute a 32 point turn to get it back out! .

A Musso ute may fit the bill but for the rough, beaten up, POS looking thing it is, Geez I like driving the GQ on the highway and where it is more open.

It feels solid as a rock, I always feel safe driving the thing, It's never let me down save for last weekend when it blew a fuse and stopped which took me 10 min to find and fix for .20C, I run it for literally nothing and I feel comfortable in it even with the original seats everyone seems to think are lacking.

My son learnt to drive in it and when I wanted him to take his mothers smaller car for his test because I thought the guy doing the test would chit a kidney if he went in the GQ, my son complained the GQ was easier to drive and he felt much more comfortable in it than the other thing with all the luxury bells and Whistles.

Even my well heeled mate with his extra hotted up HSV has a healthy respect for the GQ. He might have 500 HP to my 80 but the old girl pulled his horse float out of the wet paddock ( with the horses still in it) where his thing worth 20 Times more couldn't! :D

He does like it aside from that for it's functionality and reliability given the thing runs on garbage and will start on it even in the dead of winter.

If I get something to replace it, I'll have to keep the GQ for a good while to make sure whatever else I get is actually is something I can live with.

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