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Our Ulti.

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Actually i need about 10m3 of concrete. For a new slab in the back yard for trailer to live on. Want to help me? :huh::P

Seeing as you are aware of just how handy and mechanically minded I am... Or am not... The bigger question is.. Do you really want my help????? Level is a perception thing...

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Soft... You have gone soft... Need a cup of concrete? No need for a flash camper when you can just pick up some branches and sticks, peel a liitle bark and make a humpy... Much better for the enviroment :lol::P;) and save you fuel with no towing. :rolleyes::D


Even the natives don't use this anymore. They go to the nearest park shelter when it rains.


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Looking forward to a few firsts mate..

the first beer you bring me from your new camper... ;) the first coffee you make me from your wizz bang kitchen... :lol: the help you give me setting up my camper after you finish your set up in 3.5 seconds.. B)

I was thinking about upgrading mine too, but no need to now I know you will have lots of free time to help a mate set up their poverty pack camper. :P :P :D :D

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:D :D :D i think it was more then 1 beer.

Yes foo, it is strong enough, i will take a pic of the bracing for it tomorrow for you. Some owners have made a fold down frame that does take a bit of the bounce out ( like league goal posts) from the end of the bed. Doesn't worry us though.

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