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  1. That's a fair lead time! Last Friday I had my jet tent zip (flyscreen zip) replaced. The bloke couldn't match the original size 6, and so I had him put a size 10 zip in. Cost me $150. So the tent had perhaps 45 unpack and pack up events, probably more. It started to fail on the month long Cape trip last year. The kids would probably be the main cause of zip failure. By the end of the trip they were putting the tent up and down unassisted. I would just fit the bag and lift it into the trailer. (eldest is 9).
  2. A similar problem is faced by those with Toyota troop carrier. Ie mine sites etc. Kids can't travel sideways, and the mines have safety first policies. The mines fit them so they have a total of 2 seats in the front, and the Middle row has two, and the back one has three. rows of three - forward facing. A third door is installed for access. Google troopcarrier 8 forward facing seats for pics. The seats are available in a couple of formats. A row of three, a row of two, and a single (and maybe a separate single seat that folds forward. What is good about them, is that they have a seatbelt incorporated, with a child seat anchor behind each seat. The only installing skill is picking the right spot to bolt it to. Now it isn't really that hard, because you need to pay a licensed installer to do it for you. Something like that might help you. Start with a google of tech safe seating. I think they are the parent company. From there, they will be able to point you to a local installer. For an example of costs, a three seater bench and a single, and extended seat rail for front passenger seat was $5200, including supply, install, and engineering. The vehicle was a Toyota troopcarrier. Let us know how you go.
  3. I can't believe how expensive the codan units are. Then you program a couple of frequencies into it, and you can't use anything else or tune around. When I hit that money tree, I'm just going to get an amateur HF radio, and allow full slather TX (I'm aware where I can and can't TX). This way I get maximum utility, maximum buttons to twiddle, and something a bit different. One thing I've always planned is to make a tuned lenth longwire antenna as part of the kit. I came across a rolled 4WD (a bit after the fact) and marvelled at the fact that they couldn't call for help, as the autotune antenna base had broken (and the car was upside down). With a tuned lenght you can disconnect the HF whip, and roll the longwire out. Hey comms!
  4. Perhaps. I would prefer one of these to a 'cheap chinese' one. Incidentally the tag says "made in china" Please understand mine is thrown into the back of the box trailer with everything else, and driven down dirt roads. This may account for the wear. I'll put up some pics when I'm cleaning it. The only way I justified buying a new one second hand, was that it was the equivalent of three nights motel accommodation for the same trip.
  5. Bit of an update: This month it has been erected and put away nearly 30 times. Some small rub holes have appeared, and sealed with silicon. One zipper at the entrance is on the brink of being useless. The bag is falling apart. The upside is that the kids are nearly able to set up/pack it up. I will be able to fix the holes and possibly the zip. The bag... I need to find out whether they sell new ones, or I need a canvas replica.
  6. So, you have built in a way to put two wheels up on a gutter, and still have a level table! Nice idea. How did you secure the strap to the door?
  7. Quick update: With a bit of practice I am able to fit it all back in the original bag. So proud of myself! I can put down a few hints it if people would like. Have a few tiny holes due to stuff rubbing through (were placed on top of bag). I have found it works best for me if I set up the fly and windows when I get there. Being in the NT means windows are always rolled up unless it is raining. The windows have three positions: rolled down, rolled up, and a gusset so they can be open, but no rain can get in. In the third position, the windows are held out from the tent by guy ropes. Install these with the pegs, even if you then leave the pegs in the ground and roll them up. Heaps quicker when it buckets down. Still haven't worked out the front flap. It comes with two poles. I just rig it so most of the water runs down away from the tent. The insides have six mesh pockets to store keys etc off the floor. Pretty handy, and found a torch left in there from just before Christmas!
  8. So given the area is being sealed off, do people clean up any rust up in there before they seal? Is there any chance water could get in?
  9. No, you'd have a special lure for the fishing rod - magnetic.
  10. Epic posts Glort! #bad parents #phone addicts Sent via tapatalk
  11. Attach magnets to plastic with araldite. Magnets stick to metal body of car. This would be great if you have a 'free' source of strong magnets - like the magnets out of computer hard drives.
  12. You need a dummy account, even if you don't have it under your own name. A link to the photo would be tops.
  13. Still haven't found out why they are originally there. I'm loathe to modify the tent. Rear quarter chop or scratchy trees no worries... But not the tent!
  14. So a few experiences with the jet tent: still working on my packing up techniques. It came packed so small in the bag when new. Will take practice. It's the fitting it into the bag that takes time. You can set it up with one person. Six pegs for the floor (I have the f25x, anything with the 'x' has an annex sort of thing) and fold out the frame. The pole for the annex slides through the easiest I have seen for a tent. It is the fly that takes a bit more work. Still not sure what to do with the flap at the front. Used the poles and guys to make a shelter one night. The wind blew it down, then it started flapping around. Tucked it away, but then the rain ran down and a stream (and the rain) ran down the door across the zip. This resulted in several large bodies of water inside. Then explaining to the kids they didn't have an accident. The rest of the tent kept the water out well, and dried quickly. I'm a fan.
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