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Gear box plug stuck


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Got my 4.2 serviced today (Manuel) and I asked them to empty the gear box oil and replace with supplied vmx80 as I think it will help with the notchy gearbox, but when I got the car back I was told they couldn't get the plug out. They say they swung off a 6ft bar and it still wouldn't budge. They tried heat to.. No go. Basically they gave up and said to take it to Nissan. :-(

Anyone else have this happen?

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Weird.. I don't think they would have tried a 6' bar.. If they did they must be a little limp.

Grab a good punch and place it inside the plug notch.. Give it a good crack with a hammer, then try undoing it..

Heating the plug would make the problem worse, you want to contract the plug, not expand it.

Crab a can of crc freeze and try it.

It'll come out, it depends on how hard you wanna try...

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The plug is tapered so if it was overtightened the result is what you are now experiencing. Very common may I add. Try what is suggested above but within a reason you don't wanna crack the gearbox housing. I wouldn't use the punch just use square end of a drive which fits, smack it with a hammer it will be kinda like an impact driver.


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