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New clutch


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G'day guys. Went out for my first 4wd ever in wombat state forest today. It was amazing. However I think that after 180,000kms my stock clutch has given up tue ghost. It feels quite slippy.

I am looking for a new heavy duty clutch.

Any brands anyone would recommend. I drive a 2004 guiv 3.0 di, 5spd man.

Also should I look into getting the flywheel machined while I've got the car apart?

Has anyone done a clutch replacement in their backyard? How hard is the job?

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If you have a stock/OEM clutch than you are in for flywheel replacement too as those DMF (dual mass flywheel ought not to be machined) If you go OEM parts than you'll need new DMF ($$$$$) I'd go for solid flywheel and hd clutch to go in as do not want to do that job again.

It is utter PITA to do in the back yard if not near impossible. It is hard to do on the hoist as transmission needs to be partially rotated to get in/out or you'd have to remove transfer case first to make it a little bit easier to handle.

If you are not handy with spanners, have appropriate tools and know your way around cars/trucks I'd recommend to have it done at reputable place.


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Damn. That's not the answer I was hoping for. Thanks for the quick reply. Do you have any idea on price?

I did mine 18mth ago. $3000 Supply and fit. New DMF, New exedy heavy duty clutch. That will give you an idea on price. Solid flywheel will be a bit cheaper than that.

And as Rumcajs said, Unless you have all the right tools and know how, and a 3 or 4 big strong mates willing to help you, just get a shop to do it. PITA to get the box out

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