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IP leak fixed.


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A friend of mine who supplies me with BioDiesel went away for a few months a while back so I was forced to use Diesel to thin my veg oil. The result was I started getting a leak from the rear of the injector pump from the bolt/ seal in the middle of where the injector pipes bolt up.

I know it was the diesel that did this because 2 other car that my mate supplies Bio for also developed the same problem sio it's beyond co -incidence they all happened at the same time out of the blue.

The remedy has been the same for all..... Tighten the bolt.

Did mine n the weekend and instead of it raining out everywhere and rust proofing the entire underside of the vehicle and back doors, I haven't seen a single drop so far.

No doubt If I had taken the thing to a Diseso mechanic it would have required a total and complete rebuild because that's what any problem, including a loose bolt, requires as a fix. :rolleyes:

The other 2 vehicles stopped leaking the same way. Obviously, the bio is keeping the old seals nice and supple and the Dino is drying them out and causing them to leak.

IF anyone else gets a leak from the IP, try tightening this bolt, it may be all that's needed to fix the problem.

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You can barely see it let alone photograph it! :D

It's the bolt that is in the middle of where the injector pipes exit at the back of the pump.

Mine is a VE and it's a lot more crowded on what I think is known as the distributor block than the one on my wife's car which is only a 4 Cyl.

It took a bit of juggling to get a socket and extension bar in there but easy when I figured it out, You go behind the middle pipe towards the block and you can get to it that way.

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