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Magnetized Bunnings flares

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Hey guys, So about 3 months ago I picked up some 35 claws on -44 15x10 rims. They look awesome on the patrol and give it great stance but I haven't been game to drive further that home after picking them up without flares covering them. Over the past while I've been reading up on flare extension options and to be honest don't really want to go down this road with a permanent modification as then my daily 31 or 33s would loom out of place on +10 gu rims. So I came to he thought of temporary or removable flares that I only put on when running the claws on big offset rims. Now everything I have read to now says to just torque screw them in but I fear for my flares being torn if the Bunnings flares get ripped off and they wouldn't be readily removable. The other day I was reading the nexus 7 diy thread for the head unit where he held the tablet with rare earth magnets. What is through potential for doing this with Bunnings flares. I.e. having them magnetized to my existing flares so that with enough force they could be removed with not damage. This would allow them to be removable when needed for looks but also stop them ripping up my factory flares... Any ideas on how to glue the magnets so that the glue with be strong enough to hold them? Will the magnets be strong enough to hold the flares when at high speeds? I.e. wind resistance at 100km/h won't have me losing flares? I found these on eBay would these be suitable or should I be looking at others? http://item.mobileweb.ebay.com.au/viewitem?itemId=250753121489 Let me know your thoughts. And yes I could just get some -22 rims. Infact I have a set. But I like the idea of the big offset for looks and stability. Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk 2

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It would work, but I wouldnt be spacing them anymore than 100mm apart.. For best affect recess the magnets into your flairs and the bunnings flairs from the outer side (so its material to material and the magnets are behind the material) to allow maximum grip with the glue and give a nice flush look.. They are strong, very strong. So I think it may work.. the only down fall I can see is the mud swim to find them when ripped off threw the slush puddle.. Kallen Westbrook Owner of Westy's Accessories

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