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Hi all. Have been the proud owner of a 2001 3lt GU Patrol for about 6yrs. What a great vehicle, has never let me down.........until Good Friday. Was planning a trip up the Holland Track with a couple of mates when my ever reliable Patrol decided to through it's toys out of the cot. Needless to say this wasn't the greatest day I've had, but sh*t happens right.

Whilst on my internet journey to find as much info on my delema I stumbled across this site (cloud with silver lining blah blah) and read some of the useful comments posted on it's pages.

I plan on rebuilding the motor and installing a few NADS to try and prevent a re-occurance. I can hear all the 4.2lt boys already......but being armed with a lot more info on the possible causes I am hoping to prevent this happenning again and enjoy some of the places only a 4bee can get to






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Turned out to be a broken compressor shaft in the turbo and the motors fine. Unfortunately Garrett doesn't do a rebuild kit for this turbo so it's a new one


$2800 +gst.....ouch


Got a better deal through work....$1940 inc gst


I'm much happier now than I was on Good Friday

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