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Winga's 99 GU Ute


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Hey guys thought I would post up my rig, I got it about 2 months ago with a lot done to it but there's a lot more planned for it ;)

Fresh respray to cab and tray

TD42 Running 10psi boost

3" Exhaust

Ironman Winchbar

Ironman Winch

Lightforce 240 Blitz

Arb Compressor with Front and Rear Air Lockers

35" Mickey Thompson MTZ

Procomp Rockcrawler Rims

26.5"Front Procomp Shocks

32" Rear Procomp Shocks

4" Soft Flexxy coils

Drop out cones

Coil Retainers

EFS Extreme steering dampner

Superior Panhards

Superior Coil tower brace

Superior Upper and Lower Arms

Strengthened Tie rod and Drag link

Autometer pyro gauge

Autometer boost gauge

Kenwood Stereo

Pioneer 4" speakers in the door

Pioneer 6x9" Speakers behind the seats

Ive got some big plans for it! Heres abit of a list

Diff breathers


Scrub Bars

Dual Battery


Rock Lights

HID Headlights

HID spotlights and lightbar

When I first got it


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Just going to add a few posts from the other forum!

Put a solid days work into the pootroll today got my rims fitted up this morning so I finally have a spare again lol. The sound system had been giving me the ****s bit time distorting out but the head unit seemed decent so since wow were closing down made a quick trip over there and bought this:


The stock speakers were still in the door and they were the cause of the issue. Then we threw the 6x9s in the rear and wow what a improvement loud and clear! Then we started playing around with the head unit and damn its one complicated piece of gear there's not much you cant adjust on it! Also put a few stickers on and blue lightforce covers, one thing I did discover is that the previous owner couldn't wire for ****! need to re wire alot of things :(









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Went back to the Bay for easter got to take the ute for its first trip out and im overall very happy the suspension could use more travel and new springs there on order ;) Also the locker switches have been wired wrong have to have the front locker in first before the rear and its a real pain in the a**!! Besides that no real damage besides a slight ding in the bullbar and paint of the sliders but its all good! one thing I did come across is that its missing the brake bias spring lol so will have to get one of them asap!

Heres a few pics









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Well abit of a update!

Went on the forum glasshouse trip on Anzac day had a blast hadent been there before and cant wait to go back! Was abit of a slow day due to the amount of fourbys but none the less still a top day! Cant remember to many names of the tracks but Little red was good fun! Then after driving that on the way out ( was to pussy to try big red ) on the so called chicken track got stuck !




Then on Saturday got the new suspension in, 4"Soft Flexxy coils, 26.5" Fronts and 32"Rear Procomp shocks, drop out cones and coil retainers in the rear! Few pics of the flex ramp and just out at the quarry, Suspension will flex more once it softens up and abit more weight in the rear!










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Spent a big day doing stuff today...... well not really put some air horns in for shits and giggles so had to go for a drive to toot a few ladies B) B) needless to say they shit themselves haha

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