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Staun air deflators


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Just brought the yellow pack of Staun deflators. Got the yellow pack off eBay which is the camper trailer pack on the website. Comes 4 x normal deflators and 2 x heavy duty. Got shipped the same day so will get Monday :-) http://www.stauntyredeflators.com.au/how_to_deflate.php http://item.mobileweb.ebay.com.au/viewitem?itemId=360683152438

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Look ok Rum but with the staun you set and go to the next one. By the time your around all 4 the first 1 is at preset psi and you just remove them :) I don't like unscrewing the valve, can see problems over time and the last thing you want is a slow leak. Not that I'm an expert, green really but anything screwing and unscrewing will wear out, ie.. Lovers help each other undress before sex. However after sex, they always dress on their own. Moral of the story: In life, no one helps you once you're screwed. :D Come Get Some - Sent from my iPhone

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I considered Stauns for the same reasons but apparently they aren't set and forget units as one might think and indeed they're great if you deflate your tyres to same give or take couple of PSI pressure but the convenience goes out of windows when there is a need for different pressures.

The flexibility of EZ-Deflator unit outweighs the convenience of Stauns IMHO.



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