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4.2 Turblow Fuel Consumption.

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Just got back from a trip up to Qld for work and used a lot more fuel than I thought. 

Seems I averaged just under 16L/ 100. I had a little weight in the thing, probably no more than if I had a couple of passengers and I was running veg which should make consumption about 10% higher than Dino. 
The other NA truck used about 120L to Brisvegas, this one sucked about 150-160L.

It sure goes up hills and over takes in another dimension to the other one. 

Just wondering what other people are getting with their GQ 4.2 Turblows?

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Yeah.    :( 

But the thing is so much damn fun to drive!

Mine is very conservative at only 11 PSI, i'd like to see how some of these ones that people have dialed up go! 

On the highway mine is doing about 3-4 PSI @110 Km/h. As soon as you touch the throttle the boost maxes out in about a second and the thing starts pulling and lifts the front end.  The sensation of a block of flats being hurled down the road always brings a smile to my face. 
At highway speeds the response is instant and the 100 up acceleration is impressive for a vehicle it's size. 
So far it's been a case of any hill at legal or above speeds. Pretty new thing for me over the last 9 years of driving Diesels. 

The mate I visited in brisbane Pilots a Range Rover sport which has a 4.5L supercharged V8. He was surprised he couldn't really get away from me. 
He could certainly open a gap but it didn't last long on the highway and on the back streets, by the time he slowed at the end of a street I was right behind him. The rangie is pretty awesome with it's dragster like blower wine and power that will pin you back in the seat.
Can't wait till he gets the new one with about 150 Hp more!
The drawback  is he also has a lead foot and likes the sound the thing makes so is going through about 27L/100 km or premium around town. Worse still is he's a sales rep and does a lot of miles. 


Round town I couldn't care less about the consumption but on the longer trips, the fuel useage will be an issue as I carry my own with me and there is a limit to what's practical. I ran short on this trip but another vegger was kind enough to meet me and give me some of his oil.  Unfortunately it turned out to be rubbish and I had to buy diesel  to blend it with to get me back to where I had dropped some supplies for the return trip for the last leg. 
Nice of the guy to give me some of his and take the time to get it to me, just unfortunate it wasn't cleaned up better. 

From now on I'll make up a small portable filtration setup so I can process on the road and collect for the return trip when I get to the destination. 

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