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tb45e camshaft pos (12) error


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Noticed the truck has lost power and the fuel usage has gone up checked for error codes on the ecu talk this morning and it says I have a camshaft pos (12) error. Any ideas on the cause of this error and what is required to fix the situation ?

Thanks in advance for any assistance that can be rendered...

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It's a 2000 model GU wagon with injected LPG conversion could it be a timing thing had it tuned less then 10,000 Kms ago where they found a faulty oxygen sensor ran great after but has been progressively going back to sluggish and now this error code... It's gone from low to mid 20s/100 to mid 30s/100

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TB45E MAF rarely have issues.

If you have an Ecutalk, you can log a run and check voltages. I have some Excel files with logged MAF data, also have some graphs I did of RPM vs MAF.

Also have a spare MAF here if you need to try another one before buying.

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