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2000 Gu rear washer


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Yip.... there are 2 pump motors connected to the washer bottle in front of the battery in the engine bay. Check the fuses if the motor isn't making any noise, or maybe there is a blockage at the pump feed or pipe leading to the rear washer sprayer. I've had to sit once or twice with a pin to shove into the little hole at the sprayer to unblock some old polish or something that got into the sprayer

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There is no noise at all, when I use the front washers you can hear the motor but when I try and use the rear washer no noise at all, was planning on swapping the front and rear wiring around tomorrow to confirm if the motor is dead.... Will a pump motor from a GQ fit?

Where will the fuses be located?

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Not sure about the fuses..... I would think they would be in the fuse compartment below the steering wheel near the door. I doubt its in the fuse box behind the battery.

GQ pump motor on a GU.....hmmmmmm.... I would think it would fit as these pumps are pretty much standard in most vehicles.


I think swapping over the connectors is a good idea to see where the fault lies.

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