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In Car Dvd Gps Navigation Units


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Well you and me both. Its a lottery and most of these units are either overpriced and lacking in what you want or have everything you want but are cheap and nasty Chinese brands. Biggest problem with them all is that they overheat. IMHO all in one units are compromise so as the old saying goes:"jack of all trades, master of none" I drove a car (Jeep) with built in GPS in centre console, it was a nightmare to use/look at, constantly eyes of the road not good. You want GPS which is at your eye level in front of you so a quick glance at it is all it takes. As for reverse camera I'm seriously considering integraded internal rear vision mirror with led reverse cam screen and forward recording camera and GPS too!





If you are looking for dual head unit get pure Android unit with wide viewing capable fixed screen not the flip up one. Forget WinCE based products its a dead end.

Ebay is full either of them.

or see this mob ==>


or this, located in Melbourne ==>


They offer a good support too.

Other then that see what premium companies like Polaris or Pioneer will set you back at while short on features and with locked down WinCE dead end platform.




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HI I have a Nissan patrol GU that I needed a reversing camera, gps satellite navigation and Bluetooth hands free talking function. I looked around the internet also on forum for a suitable company with a good reputation to supply / install the products.

around, I have found After calling ppa car audio ; they were able to assist me , were very knowledgeable and seemed to know what they were talking about.

I ended up purchasing Kenwood brand navigation unit which has all the bells and whistles that I was looking for including navigation, Bluetooth, reversing camera for behind my gu, digital radio, normal radio, dvd, connects to steering buttons on steering wheel etc.

Overall, I must admit I am satisfied with what I have received; everything works like a well-oiled clock. I arranged to get the unit installed 1 day after calling the team at PPA, their professional came to my work, installed the whole lot in under 4 hours and left. I am satisfied with the product and service .

here is a link to the unit I purchased:

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