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New 2015 Patrol Y61


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Just had it 1000km inspection all good, next ones at 10,000km which I thought was abit long between servicing.

You guys bag the ZD30 engine abit  witch I don't under stand as all the forums I read out side of this forum, say it was up to 2003 models had problems and current patrols are fine with minor problems.

 I get the factory warranty then another 10yrs warranty after that,  witch we payed for  so the car runs out of warranty in 2025.. it will probably  be sold before this.

Yes I looked a extended warranty witch covers all major parts but not normal wear and tear so I got it.

If I got a bought hand grenade as you so call it , then I can only hope it does not blow up as the warranty will get good use.

A car runs as good as you drive it., drive it hard and your going to have problems simple.






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We don't bag ZD30 full stop. Those who keep saying that it was only models up to 2003 have NFI. The sad thing is that Nissan has never fixed the primary ZD30 issue which is the piston failure. They did something to it since 2007 when they went to common rail and the "hole in the piston" become a less of the issue but added new problems.

All the other problems are still there waiting to rear their ugley heads when you least suspect it.

Every ZD30 motor from Di series (up to 2007 non common rail) is susceptible to the same piston failure period. Nissan will not tell you about it nor will they acknowledge it. At some point several years agon there was actually shortage of replacement ZD30 motors and that has to tell you something.

By the way did you know that majority of ZD30 engines are made in China by Donfeng Motors?

Anyway, ask yourself this question, why is CrD ZD30 engine on the same power/torque figure as Di (non common rail)version ? Not a horse or Newton meter more. Why is Navara's version of ZD30 Di not famous for blown piston? Because it has none of the Y61 control or variable vane turbo but is less powerful and has a MAF less tune. 

Answer to these question are the key to understand why ZD30 in Patrol is called grenade.

Less power = less fuel = less heat and that's the cause.

So common rail ZD30 has better heat resistant pistons (It has to as well because much higher peak injection pressures Di = 700 Bars, CrD = 1800 Bars)

it has better injectors, better fuel management and yet only the same power output so it doesn't work as hard hence lasts longer and not hovering constantly at its upper limits like Di.

ZD30 in CrD form should be pumping easily 160 kW and 480 Nm not 118kW/380 Nm (for a manual only as well for auto 354 Nm) but that would send it to its limits and expose all its weakness.

Look at Navara YD25 engine, it has 0.5 litre less, pumps 140 kW and 420 Nm torque and that is another dog of the motor.

If you ever look at ZD30 design you will realize how badly it is designed. It is utter nightmare to dismantle, e.g impossible to fix simple coolant or oil leak between front timing cover and the block sandwich plate without removing engine because you need to drop oil sump which you can't remove unless you remove gearbox first.....it has non liner/sleeved block (like petrol motors, cylinders are bored/honed straight in to cast iron block), alloy head so any metalurgist will tell you about heat expansion difference between cast iron and alluminium.

It has idiotic counterbalance shafts from Mitsubishi Astron engine which suck power and it (engine) still vibrates like there is nothing there.

This isn't a rant, just simple observation.



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I have to agree with you there.

The ZD30 motor is a "dangerous" motor, It delivers fantastic power vs fuel efficiency compared to the TD42, and we won't even mention the petrol guzzler TB42, TB45 and TB48. 

Would I want one......hmmmmm.... I use my TD42 Iron Maiden every day as my drive. I abuse it as I do mostly stop start trips that are usually very short in distance. My fuel consumption is sitting on about 16.5 - 17L/100Km. So yes I would happily buy a ZD30 Patrol.......BUT..... If buying one second hand, and I see a pyro gauge fitted ( we call them EGT gauges here in South Africa ) then I feel a little more confident that the previous owner knew about the ZD30 issues and was driving that motor "within is limits". If I see oil catch cans and the general NADS prevention goodies fitted, I would be quite confident that the previous owner looked after that motor and understood the implications of not listening to the gauges etc. 

Yes Nissan made a rooster up on the design of the ZD30 in Patrols, but there are a good lot of them still running around. generally the ones that do "grenade" don't have the preventative measures installed.

If I had a new, or even a as "near as dammit is to swearing" new ZD30 Patrol, I would still do the NADS mods to it. What can be better than piece of mind when in the middle of nowhere !!

Bad things generally travel fast and spread wide. I'm not defending Nissan, but it will take a minor miracle to get the general public and Patrol drivers world wide to change their views on that motor.

When Nissan does something right, we rave about it. Take the TD42 motor, even though a donkey of a motor, they are regarded as virtually bullet proof, even the black top with aftermarket turbo (I say this tongue in cheek though, cause I'm talking more of an "altitude compensating" (0.5 bar) turbo conversion), so Nissan hit that motor for a six, then lost the plot completely and put a little 4 cylinder motor in its place.....

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Thank  you for your observation and wisdom on this matter now I under stand more why you call them hand grenades

all I can to is hope mine a good one and I have no issues.

On a happy note me Dual battery holder from Off Road Down under has arrived.

Waiting on REDARC SBI12 solenoid to arrive and Baintech  BTCP0001R Multi  Socket & Voltmeter to arrive.

Going to put a Century N70t battery in then Happy Days.

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Fully agree with the EGT gauge, it will teach you how to drive the diesel, it might even save your motor and more importantly it will/can warn about impending disaster coming by telling you when to back off the go pedal. By far most valuable modification to any diesel engine especially in 4WD.


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