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Urgent help needed with indicators problem,


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Urgent help needed with indicators problem, this morning when I hoped in my 2000 GU to head off to a job an hour and a half drive away, I noticed that my right hand indicator wasn't working, I didn't think much of it and thought I'd fix the problem this evening, but about 10K down the road the left hand side indicator stopped working also, "no indicators, and no blinking lights on the dash", so I thought it must be a fuse or something, when I got on site I noticed that when I armed my alarm, ALL indicators flashed.
We had about 30 minutes before workers arrived, I hoped i my car with a few minutes to kill and discovered my left hand indicators were working again, and so where my hazzard lights. When I had breaks through out the day I would call my Auto electrician and ask questions, he got me to try turning my hazzards on and off in quick repartition for a minute thinking it was a dirty contact in the flasher unit, Called him a few times during the day, told him that when I put my left hand indicator on I could hear a click behind the dash beneath where the hazard switch is, and also heard a brief click when I turned the indicators to the right hand side but no lights. he ended up saying he couldn't really tell unless he were to look him self but was almost sure the indicator switch and stalk on the steering column was at faulty, I rand around a few wreckers and found one that had the indicator switch and stalk assembly so got my wife to go pick it up as I wouldn't be back in time to get to the wreckers before they closed.
When leaving the site at 5 as I pulled out of their driveway, I indicated left, and the light worked but with in a hundred yards left stopped working again.
I got home and pulled my steering column apart and put the replacement assembly in, turned ignition on, left indicator worked but not the right. Re installed my original, but am not expecting a refund from the wreckers...Checked fuses etc, all appear working, disconnected the flasher relay and noticed when I turned left indicator on could still hear a click behind the dash, and a slighly less loud click when turn to right.

Took it for a several K drive this evening and the left indicator now SEEMs to be working and not cutting out like it did within in minutes of leaving the site, but right one still dead. I know my alarm system has its own relay to flash my indicators when arming or disarming, But am interested in is there an extra relay or the like behind the dash?. reading my workshop manuals it looks like a major job just to pull out the hazard switch.
What coild be causing the extra click when manipulating the indicator stalk?

if someone can shed some light on what the problem could be or get me looking at the situation from a different angle, that would be awesome.

I am ruling out the indicator switch and stalk as I find it hard to believe 2 would result in the same problem

This is doing my head in and I need to get it resolved asap

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You can certainly try and see what will happen, I'm at a loss to explain why would that cornering lamp unit even affect the indicators because to me it should only be processing the signals for cornering lamps outputs not actually affecting the indicators buit that's the design those monkeys have chosen. Remember these cans are negatively switched so I'd still make sure you have a good ground. Patrols are notorius for earthing issues thanks the Nissan idiot saving money by not including extra earth strap between the body and the chassis.


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4 hours ago, Rumcajs said:


There are 4 different version of indicator/flasher circuits depending where you live (typical Nissan). I reckon you have earth/ground issue.

Bellow is the description for Australia :





What manual do you have that has all this info, both my workshop manuals one by Max Ellery and the other a Haynes dont have details like you post...

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I have Haines or Ellery's manual can't remember which one as it is permanently in my car but I also have several versions of actual Nissan factory manual.

I believe you are a member at nissanpatrol forum so you can download one of the factory manuals from there ===>

Patrol manuals and software


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