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Brown Davis is suppose to be a good gear but before you start adding weight consider to have the rear coils towers reinforced as they do bend or worse break tearing of the chassis under the extra weight strain cracking the chassis in the process.

ATOC welded in reinforcing brackets are popular choice or bolted ones from Superior engineering can be fitted but those can't be used with LR fuel tanks. I've got them and it is hell to fit too.


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I would give almost anything to get that 3D drawing !!!!

I want to build a new aux tank for my Patrol. Mine is a strange setup.... I have the Sub tank switch on the dashboard, but my fuel gauge only shows for the main tank ( no sub tank gauge on the top ). I also have a 60L stainless tank fitted where the aux tank should be fitted, but this only carries water, and looks like it was never intended to be connected to the main tank for diesel.

So, If I can either make a tank like this and fit it where my current water tank is, and then move my water tank to the opposite side ( would have to re route my exhaust to run parallel to the propshaft ) then I would be smiling from ear to ear.

Now where can I get a CAD drawing of a tank like that.... or similar??? Here in South Africa there doesn't seem to be much available and the exchange rate kills us here if we import from overseas.

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Had a 151ltr TJM steel long range fuel tank/steel side bars/steel bull bar/9000b warn winch with TJM suspension kit in my old 1997 GQ 2.8ltr patrol for 320,000km in some of the ruff- toughest FWD work around in the NT and had no coils towers reinforced.

Don't they make them as they use to now>?



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