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catch can advice


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hi all,

i was told i needed a catch can to stop engine oil being drawn through  breather system into turbo system.  i needed to get other things fixed (warped manifold) but they were too expensive.  The new mob fixing it told me his customers usually bring the cans in themselves. can anyone advice me where i can purchase this and if at all is it necessary?. 



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G'day mate,

Best bet is Sydney based "Western Filters" they sell genuine Provent 200 catch cans. Here is the link to their Patrol kit --> Nissan Patrol provent catch can kit


and the general page ==> Provents kits

pricey but less hassle to chase everything yourself when only getting the catch can.....and last thing you want is some home made attempt which may or may not work. I fully recommend the unit I have one and everyone else with Patrols I know has.

There is this unscrupulous mob which sells Chinese knock offs via various 4WD forums for slightly less but bear in mind they're getting those from Chinese supplier for $15-20 each while they increase the price to you ten folds and you are still getting a fake. I'm not mentioning the joint but they also stir the pot in performance chips and tuning with wild promises,they steal ideas from others too like reselling Darren Dawes boost controllers as their own or claim inventions as their own.


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