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Hand brake adjustment


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I tried adjusting the drum shoes on the back of my transmission, I rotated the cog sever times until it was tight, but I cant seem to turn it in the opposite direction to loosen it off, feel like there is a spring or something stopping it rotating in the opposite direction, as I put the screw driver on it, move it about half a centimeter and when I let go it kicks the screw drive up to where I started, I couldn't reverse out of my driveway today, Ended up putting it in low range, reversing out into street and taking it for a long drive, how can I loosen the adjuster, any help would be appreciated

Cheers in advance

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Hmmmmm.... its been a long while since I last fiddled with the hand break drum, but if I recall correctly there is a piece of spring steel that slides on the serrated nut that you are moving with the screwdriver. It basically allows one directional adjustment, which will tighten up the braking mechanism making it grab the brake drum sooner. I cant recall the exact positioning of that spring steel, if it is on top or bottom, but if you take a thin, but ridged piece of wire and jiggle it around it there till you feel like you are lifting something springy ( or peer in the hole with a torch may help locate it ), then try lift it up first then hold it up and rotate the serrated wheel with the screwdriver. The screwdriver may slip easier rotating it the in the "loosening" direction due to the design of the serrations on the nut.

I wouldn't drive it around with it so tight, the heat generated can cause all sorts of issues with the rubber seals and boiling brake fluid !!

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I managed to loosen it off this morning, yesterday after a long drive the drum was so hot if I squirted water on it , it sizzled like a hot plate...Hopefully all good now

Worst case of something did get too hot I'll just pull the drum etc off my old GQ as it still hasn't sold and reading the manuals and looking at parts on line, the drum the shoes and everything else is the same between the GQ and the GU....

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I don't know what it is like in GQ but on GU the adjuster for the brake shoes can be turned both ways, there is not so called auto adjuster which would normally be a part of hydraulicly actuated drum brake where movement would transfer on to a ratchet one way expander which still can be retracted.

See pic attached:



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