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Song Title Game

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I love the Song Title Game on Patrol 4x4, so I thought I would start a version here. The idea is you have a song title, a dash - then the singer or band, a word is taken from the original title and used in the next song, does not need to be the same singer or band, it just rolls on from the word lifted from the previous title. I don't have a problem with covers as long as they are legitimate.

The more words you borrow from the previous title the more of a legend you are :) and if you can keep a key word going your an even bigger legend :) It is handy if you can underline the key word(s)

So to start it off:

House of the Rising Sun - The Animals

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Wild child - iggy pop

I'm related to the guitarist from the animals..

Hilton valentine.. my sisters husbands sister is married to him... little bit of trivia there

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