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  1. I envy you, had to push my trip back a year
  2. Fitted a electric to the front of the radiator thinking it would help the clutch fan then doing low speed 4wding, seems it was a waste of time it feels like it hinders the airflow when idling in the carport so I don't think it's going to help.
  3. Ive fitted coil rites to my gq and I'm slack and leave it on about 15psi empty (a bit rough) or full.
  4. Know the feeling I get stuck cleaning all weekend every time while 'someone' reads their ebook I'm starting to think I might do the same.
  5. I'll throw up a pic when I finish it today.
  6. I had some of that stuff left over and made a fridge bag out of it and covered it with canvas.
  7. This is getting udder ridiculous
  8. It's aprox 2mm thick as I've been looking at it my self but they do do a fire wall sheet which is 10mm thick that I've worked out to be about the same price per m2.
  9. Hey all, I'm in Moranbah (bum stuff of nowhere lol) 2hrs inland of mackay.
  10. Make some noise - beastie boys
  11. Been checking the the hub temps ever since it started evil, and they feel pretty even temp wise.
  12. Mk tank I did did as you suggested before and after tightening the bearings there was some movement before but it's gone now.
  13. So last weekend After having a wheel alignment and balance I've retightened the wheel bearing with a torque wrench to spec and 90% of the vibration has gone so I'm happy with that for now till the finances allow more expense.
  14. Found out where my clutch fluid was leaking from, now on the hunt to find a new flex hose.
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