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heyhey's GU Wagon


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Thought my Wagon needed a thread! haha

Here it is

Its a 2000 ZD30 GU, I thought it was a good buy had done 210,000km but had a rebuilt engine 20,000km before so heaps cheaper than buying one with a few less kms but having to rebuild in a few more kms.

Anyway, it came pretty much standard apart from electric trailer brakes, UHF and a hyclone. <=Awesome ... not!

Then added:

33" BFGoodrich KM2s

Procomp Alloy Wheels

Steel Genuine Bullbar

Pioneer Stereo, Speakers, Amp and MTX Subwoofer

HID Lightforce

Suspension stuff flexy 2"




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But didn't like the fridge slide so that got scrapped and stuck to the basics




And added a bed, its big enough to fit our double self inflating mattress on with room. Its strong enough to hold the woman and me (not that we are big).

The top folds in the middle with a piano hinge and just sits on top of the draws when not in use.



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Started on my second glove box, still got a bit to do. I can't work out a nice looking way of putting a latch on or some way of holding the door closed.


I put a glovebox light in because Mr Nissan doesn't think of the small things.

Picture117.jpg __________________

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Then added the following

- Volt, Boost & Pyro gauges

- Dawes and Needle valves

- Optima Aux and Century Starting batteries

- ARB Compressor mounted under the passenger seat

- ProComp alloys

- DIY Sliders

- DIY Rear bar

- CAT Mudflaps

- Tigerz11 12,000lb winch with rope with the control box mounted behind the grill but in front of the radiator support panel. Looks stealth!

- HiLift Jack

- Telescopic rear work light

- Full length drawer and storage system, made heavy duty as the old stuff didn't last. Made of 20mmx20mm box with 15mm ply and 227kg runners. Much stronger, will be semi-impossible to break it now!

- Carling (ARB style) switches for rear work light, compressor and manual override of the battery isolator.

- Mounted a fire extinguisher in the rear

- Fishing rod holder

- Also added a Snorkel while I was at it

- And replaced a heap of worn parts!

Here are some pics!




The drawers are not finished, still have to line the whole thing with carpet to get rid of the thudding sound that come with having wood instead of seats and carpet. icon_wink.gif


The lid folds up so i can put the fridge in the drawer, the missus is a short ass and can't reach it on top and we sleep in the back so that is why I have done it this way. The only problem is now i have to put the fridge on the front seat while we are sleeping, which isn't a real biggy, still quicker and easier than setting up and pulling down a tent.


There is now plenty of storage space!





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And this is how it is now (for now)

Procomp 16"x8" alloy wheels

285/75R16 BFGoodrich KM2 mud tyres

3" Suspension lift, with flexy coils, Bilstein Shocks, Superior Drop Boxes, Superior tie rod, HD drag link, extended sway bar links

Front Air Locker with compressor

Marks Adapters 43% Transfer Reduction Gears

AVM HD manual hubs

Dual Batteries with Red Arc solenoid, one century battery & one optima deep cycle

Steel dual wheel carrier steel rear bar (only has one carrier), comes with & holds highlift jack, shovel, rear work light, axe. (Will do a DIY thread for this)

Steel rock sliders/sill protectors

Dawes Valve

DPChip performance chip

3" exhaust with hi-flow cat & muffler

Full length storage system, enough to fit queen matress on, fridge fits in drawer, massive storage space.

ARB Aluminium roof rack

Thumpa Inc LED lightbar with combo spot and spread lenses.

3 Lightforce XGTs, 2 converted to 55W HID

HID headlights

LED front indicators/parker lights

Uniden UHF with scanner & GME 80 channel with GME antenna

Boost, Exhaust Gas Temperature & Volt guages

Cross Country Intercooler with draw through fan

Steel Bullbar with Warn 9,000lb winch with Dyneema Rope & solenoid box securely mounted under bonnet.

Fiberglass AM/FM radio antenna

Cruise Control

Second Glove box

Waeco CF50DZ fridge and freezer

Pioneer DVD/iPod/MP3/CD radio with Pioneer speakers, sub & amp




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At this stage, she is beyond complete, being dismantled and reassembled to close to standard plus some extras. I have a GU Ute so transfering most things across. I'll be starting a thread on that build shortly.

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Wheels can come off, I won't be using them as I'm looking for GUIV or later alloys (maybe or alloy beadlocks??(money(i'm just not sure(damn)))), but currently only have 4 as when I had one break off (yes don't ask, my bad) it was damaged pretty bad.

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That kit is not a perfect fit for gu patrols the first kit and prototype is on my old mans car te top of the caliper needs to come in on the drivers side I can give you all the parts numbers so you can source the parts locally if you wanted to

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