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DIY Dual Wheel Carrier/Rearbar

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G'Day Folks,

It will include a dual jerry can holder that doubles as a bin in the near future (just got to get a number plate light for it) and then it will be fully complete.

And no it doesn't weight that much it leans really bad, thats just my flat tyre icon_rolleyes.gif




I used wheel nuts to bolt the tools on so if I need another wheel nut, it's already there! cheers.gif

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If u want a rear bumper and towbar to put on it when u sell it let me know (plus some cash for your bar :))

Already have a tow bar. I have a mate that has first dibs if he wants to pay :D

Nice work mate, has to be said that using the wheel nuts was a very smart idea!

And it saved my neck, had a wheel come off, lost all the nuts but had four studs undamaged (thanks to alloy wheels) and ended up using the spares. Worked awesome

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excellent job heyhey, wouldnt mind a dual wheel carrier someday

If you have time and a welder and angle grinder, its really just like a puzzle, work out what you have, what you need, where to put it and it's done.

Apart from the box section and hubs and axles, all the steel was salvaged and the old bar is made completely from salvaged steel

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I'm more at home in front of Netapp SANs and vmware vcentre's but I have bought a welder and by hook or by crook I am going to learn to weld so I can make something practical like this...

The other weekend I welded some star pickits together for practice.. was a bit of fun. Bought a cool welding helmet and safety gear.. wife is constantly giving me crap about it will end up in the shed with all the other "toys"!

My friend is a welder by trade, I just need to get some beers as payment for more lessons!

Bar looks great hey hey!

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Thanks mate,

Start practicing as soon as you can! I was welding with an Arc when I was 10, started out self taught, used to sneek into the shed and get the welder going whilst Dad was at work, never really worked for me but I soon learnt how to hold a bead. Once Dad caught on, he taught me how to weld, problem is the Arc welder is like 60 years old, is held togther with a heap of clamps, screws etc, it pulses in and out. Biggest POS welder, but just doesn't die so the old man refuses to replace it. Still managed to make a bar that seems to be lasting and heavy duty enough to knock over trees (accidently ;) )

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Great job there.. And just the thing I need to see.. I've been looking at all the pre made rear bars and at $1000+ I was thinking Bugga that, I'll make one..

I'm guessing you have used the flangless hubs for the wheel carriers??

I'm still undecided weather to put one on the r/h side as the wheel carrier is already there, but keen for the l/h side for some cans...

Just wasn't sure of the internals.. But now I do..

Project no.2 after the snorkel...

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