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Mounting roof spotties

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I have a couple of spare 100w spotties i was thinking of mounting on the front of my full length rack.

I'm just trying to work out the best way to run the wiring to the lights without looking like shyte.

I'm kinda thinking out the grill in front of the windscreen, tuck it into the gutter beside the windscreen then up the leg of the rack to the spotties.

Does anyone else have any thoughts that may work better?



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I did it just like is shown in the pics above, straight out where the guard meets the corner of the windscreen and secured in place in the gutter with a couple of dobs of silastic.

It has lasted well like this for a couple of years now and I don't have a snorkel.

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Love the light bar especially when doing low range driving, have used it a few times now they don't give you a long range but definitely light up like daylight all around you. Mines the 42" they retail for about 1200. I wouldn't buy one to replace spotties but in conjunction with them they give a great lighting package

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Hey Nutta, Ive attached how my wires were run. Wiring point was there from previous owner (mines). Had a bar on the roof for towing - indicators stop and reverse lights.

I have switched out some wiring for spotties instead. I also left the reverse light wiring in to run a reverse light worklight attached to my rack.



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