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Actually my uncle owns a yard and he's pretty honest, hes been dudded a few times too.

He bought a car off someone once and when they brought it back to drop it off they pushed it in saying it just run outta juice, it was to late when he discovered it had no head!

And what about when someone brings in a car with a cracked head or something full of leak seal, he doesnt know, a month later it shits and hes the fucking crook!

Believe me it goes both ways!

And my other uncle also owned yards and he was a bloody rat!!

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I used to sell cars and everything they say about car salesmen is true.

They are the way they are because the customers make them that way.

I could sell snow to eskimos but being in new rather than used cars, I was on training wheels compared to a lot of the stunts the used car guys pulled.

There are some real crunts out there in new and used.

If you know the game, playing with the real tossers can be good sport. The more dodgy they are, the easier they are to set up and then pull the rug from under them. I have amazed several friends with how much I have got off the price of cars for them. No real trick when the things are priced to kill in the first place and you can see they have been sitting there 2.5 months already. You can always get them back to trade price and on the odd occasion, a bit under if they are really having a bad month and the wood ducks have been thin on the ground.

My old man is a dealer of sorts, owns a wrecking yard and always has some cars to sell.

I have had a lot of disagreements with him over the years and basicaly disowned him for a long time but I have always said I'd buy a car off him without looking at it.

I know he has stressed about cars he has sold that have turned out to have something wrong with them that he didn't know about and gone out of his way to fix them.

The one thing I will always remember him saying as long as I live is " You couldn't sell a car to someone if you knew there was something wrong with it."

Utterly ironic in his game but it is his genune belief in his business and akin to his moral values in life.

The thing he gets every single week is people wanting to sell him a car and after he has given them a price for it, they bring it back with all the extra's taken off or half the panels or interiour missing and then get pissy when he refuses to pay them the price he quoted for what it was when they brought it to him originally.

The other month he had a Kid bring back an all wheel drive car he had put a replacement gear box in shortly before. The kid for some reason put different size wheels on the thing front and back and couldn't understand why the old man wouldn't give him warranty on the now blown Box.

Previously the same kid had bought 2 engines off him. The first one was when he turned the boost and fuel up on the original engine as far as it would go and dropped the clutch at redline. That dropped the guts of the engine and the gear box right on the road.

The 2nd one was when the kid changed the oil on the replacement engine and didn't tighten up the sump plug. The old story of just trying to drive it home to see what the funny noises were and why that red light was on......

Not hard to spend $10K on a car worth half of that when it's owned by an Idiot. :rolleyes:

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