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Global Warming - I want some


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LOVING this wet and cold weather, was standing in the rain and 4degree wind all of yesterday, wouldn't want it any other way. Seems I haven't changed from the age of 5. When it was raining, I used to go outside and build drains and dams, now when it rains, its usually when I'm building drains into the dams :D

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Power bill hikes hit Aussies as winter bites

WITH winter just around the corner and the cold already beginning to bite, Australians will soon find it even harder to stay warm.

Energy comparison website Make it Cheaper says hikes coming in from July 1 to cover carbon pricing will mean an extra 400,000 Australians will be spending more than 10 per cent of their disposable income on power.


What I'd like to know is who are the extra 400,000 that will be spending more than 10% of their disposable income on power. Soon it'll be like living in a tent in the High Country.



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