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Drag Links and Track Rod Questions


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After buying my new Patrol I started going through all the included invoices for past services. I should have gone through them with a fine tooth comb before buying it, but none the less, I have discovered that the Track Rod has been bent and an attempted straightning was carried out by two mechanics and that a drag link kit was installed.

Not being uber technical I figured someone here could shed some light (and maybe some photos) of what these are, how they could have become bent (other than the obvious) and wether I should be getting it replaced asap or not.

Its got a 2" lift.

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This is a steering draglink and a rock rod.


This is what they look like fitted to a car. The forward most one is the steering draglink, and the one beside it is the panhard rod.


This is the rock rod, or tie-rod, whatever you like to call it. -its the rod behind the diff.


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Any mechanic who attempts to straighten ANY steering component should be shot on the spot!

Apart from emergency repairs to get you home/back to civilasation bent/damaged steering linkage should be replaced immediately.

I for one would not like to be passing you on the highway at 100 kays when the track rod or drag link on your vehicle decides that it had enough and expires while you taking a bent. Now you have a decent car ;) get the decent drag link and track rod fitted.

Replace the damaged/bent drag link or track rod ASAP. I'm sure that "little precious" is worth the extra expense.


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Yeah this is common problem with GQ GUs, Ive bent a few in my time as well. Because the drag link is lower then the diff the drag link gets snagged on pretty much anything.

Superior engineering have made a comp spec drag link out of 4140, They are bomb proof, They retail for $375. highly recommend.


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