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Aldi Tablet


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I got the email alert this morning from Aldi and thought of you straight away Ray. :)

I was going to ask what you thought of the things and about it's worth for a mapping machine. I looked up the other site for the specs and saw it had no GPS but remembered your other thread where you said they were available as plugins.

As I understand these things, they are an entertainment- internet computer for the most part.

I take it that I can't plug in a keyboard and do anything in word or use them to plug my printer in and run off some photos?

They look like thay could have potential for my business, I'm just trying to figure out what they are capeable of and therefore what I could do with the things that would be of benifit.

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Even my Gigabyte tablet doesn't have a built-in GPS, which is not a disability. With the Aldi unit you can plug in a USB keyboard, via the min-USB adapter, or bluetooth keyboard. You can print via wireless,if you have wireless router. That said.it's probably better as an entertainment unit.



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I saw a tablet in aldi wangaratta when I was over there at Xmas. It looked pretty good.

If it has Bluetooth it might support a Bluetooth GPS.. I have a few of them kicking around somewhere. Fairly cheap on eBay..

That is if the Bluetooth isn't mangled and supports com ports.

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