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What's the most Funerals You have been to in a year?


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Just got word my Uncle Died in his sleep so I'll he heading to Funeral No. 3 for the year/ 6 months this week.

A close mates mother wasn't expected to survive last weekend due to cancer so Number 4 is a matter of when not if.

I have been to a LOT of funerals before but this year seems to be setting some sort of new record.

Maybe it's Karma for me being so damn happy at the first one I had to knock back whooping for joy. That was a one off and wont ever happen again.

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I think my max was 3 in 12 months.

Thou, I have another record. We camp sometimes at the bridle track Which is in between Bathurst and Hillend. I was there with the wife and at about 10pm we are all around the camp fire pissed and the police rock up. (where we camp is 40min down a dirt road) we were thinking they were going to bust us for riding quad bikes or somthing. Turns out the wife's grandfather died and the police were just there to inform us.

Anyway, the next year I was there a cop turned up to inform me the step father in law had passed away. Complete bloody shock that it happened twice in a row.

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I started with funerals as a kid. Been a pretty frequent participant since.

It's OK with the oldies generally. They have had their lives and it's the way of life if you like.

It's the ones that go well before their time that are the real traumatic ones.

That said, my mates mother is 86. Never haing lost her " Italian-ness" event though coming here as a young girl, I have always called her Mum ma and she has long refered to me as her 2nd son.

She deserves a lof fking better at her age than to end her days with the the pain sufferening and indignity of Dying with cancer. Then again, so does every other person in the world ( bar one I knew) whom it takes.

My uncle is one of the very few I have know to go " Properly" if you like. At a ripe old age and with no pain and suffering. The other was my grandmother who was my life and probaly saved my life. She was 82 and had her minor-Medium age related ilnesses for years.

In the end she went with no pain or suffering again not expectedly , in her sleep.

About the only person close to me I have lost that I could be at peace with loosing.

By the time I get to 70, There will be no one left for me to attend their funeral. My wife and kids have been commanded to to go before me so have my close friends. I figure I'm due for some peace then.

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My condolences.

I can't begin to imagine how your mate feels. One thing I have been thankful for is that I have never lost more than one person at a time. A guy that used to do my wedding Videos lost both his parents in a car accident. Crying for the loss of one person is bad enough, pretty sure I would not manage two at once.

I found out on thursday at the funeral that another Aunt and uncle are not doing well at all. They were not up to the travel to come to this one. Uncle' s cancer has flared up again and my Aunt has numerous age related problems. There is real concern in the family for them.

I was thinking 4 for the year would be bad enough, never entered my Mind 6 may be a real possibility. Getting Older Sucks. It really does.

We are planning a family get together in August in Cowra which is the town my family came from and a few are stil there.

I'm hoping there is no cause for an unscheduled get together before hand.

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I hope you found a new campspot less detrimental to the population of your family!


Well, just got back from the Bridle track after a bloody cold 5 days. No deaths this time thankfully.

For those who know the area, I can confirm its possible to cross the bluff on a quad :-) - Just.

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Got word this morning that my mates mother passed away last night.

Here comes Number 4.

This is getting way beyond a joke.

This mate has always been there when I needed him, hope I can give him the support he has given me but to be honest, I haven't got a clue how to do that.

I don't want to be a pain in the arse but I don't want to let him down at this time either.

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I spoke to my mate last night and we had a good talk.

We did talk a lot about being there for one another and I told him how he had always been there for me and there was nothing I wouldn't do for him or was too much for him to ask.

I reckon if there had been hidden camera's on the wall It would have been a sight.

Two blokes that normally scare people on looks alone haveing a cry to one another like a couple of teenage girls.

Maybe one day we'll be able to laugh about it, given the circumstances, probably not.

He's never really lost anyone before and in my experience, those that haven't had any real grief till later in life don't tend to handle it easily shall we say. He's putting on the brave professional front as always but admitted it hadn't really hit home and he wasn't looking forward to when it did.

Right now I feel for him in the waiting round till the funeral on Tuesday. That's the part I always hate the most. It's like all you can do is sit round and wait and twiddle your thumbs constantly thinking of something you are dreading but at the same time want to be over.

Seems like years ago the funeral was about 3 days later, now it seems closer to a week. Too long IMHO.

One thing my wife pointed out to me last night was that I had my funeral count for the year wrong. We have already been to 4 funerals this year, I forgot her 100 yo aunties.

How bad is that? I didn't even remember someone we cared about and lost.

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Ive just had three funerals for my grandparents on both sides since 12 April this year. Ages were 86, 88 and 99 and 10 months. Little shell shocked to be honest as we didn't even get done packing the first grandmothers house up and the other went. Had to stop and clear out the nursing home (We were given 2 or 3 days to do so.) Then back finishing the first.

So as it stands now, I no longer have any grandparents to speak of as grandfathers died some 10+ years ago.

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Sorry to hear of your losses.

Quite amazing and incredibly sad they should all go so close.

Although I appreciate it will be no comfort whatsoever, at least they all led very full lives and had plenty of time.

Myself, always found some contentment in that, perhaps through having lost people who were still in their teens. There is no upside to that at all.

My grandfather died when I was 12. I'd still have dreams about him and wake up crying well into my '20s. We had a very special bond. I was 27 When my grandmother died, that was a long time coming and I could find peace in it because she was in her 80's and that made more sense than granddad going when he was just starting to enjoy his retirement. Dads parents were gone before I was old enough to know what was going on.

Oldies get a lot more blasé about dying and always seem to find a light side to it. I'm sure when you think of them, it won't be long before you have a chuckle as well which would be without doubt the way they would want you to be when you thought of them.

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