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The rains shall never fall again


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Friend and I were just chatting last night about what good job it was the greenwashed made everyone fell bad unless they went to the expense of installing a rain water tank to save the precious water.

I mean who the Fk came up with that stupidity " Save water". For what? A rainy Day??? So the gubbermint can send a million litres a day or what ever it is down the drain because there is too much and the desal plant operators are on a gauranteed minimum buy whether we need it and when we definately don't!

The way the green brains carry on, they would have you believe that turning on the tap to get a drink is a terrible waste of water and you should feel Guilty about it. As for the notinon of washing your car, Blasphemy! Watering the garden... hey, we want the place green but not too green allright!

If you have to water the garden or have a drink, jump in your Priarse with the batterys toxic enough to wipe out all the water supply if someone threw one in and go and buy Bottled water in the nice plastic containers.

I never get the mentality with saving water as if it's like oil, use it once and it's gone forever and one day the world will run out.

If there is not enough water, it simply means the gubbermints are failing to take historical weather patterns and the growing damands of increasing population into account.

I use water for whatever I want but I don't waste it. The green heads can't seem to work out the difference that using water and wasting it are 2 different things. I'll also never try to cut back on water useage. I pay a freaking lot of money every quarter just to have the water connected. The water I USE is a fraction of that over all bill. If I used NO water I'd still get a substantial bill that would be little different to the one I get now. The best value for me is use all the water I want.

The bit that gets me is in surburbia it is illeagal NOT to be connected to the water / sewrage. In fact until recently, they could still charge you for it if it ran past your property but you were independent or had no dwelling on the land. Not surprisingly the water board in their infinite greed threw a hissy fit when that ruling came in.

Save water?

Save me the Bullchit!

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Agreed Glort.

The governments want to increase population but not infrastructure and the only way to do that is to make the existing population use less - and the best way to do that is to guilt them into it.

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Water tanks in residential areas is an interesting story. Years ago, in Victoria at least, the main water board was able to enforce a no-watertanks rule, as they said it would affect the water treatment plants by reducing flows. Then as the population increased and the infrastructure failed to keep up, the water board then complained to government that too much water flow was affecting the water treatment plants and thus water tanks became an option. Then came the green scare and water tanks have almost become mandatory, and once one installs a water tank, the councils then place a rate payment on it. There's only one person who seems to lose out on all of this.



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