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Water to Air intercooler


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Hi All,

Im fitting a Water to air intercooler to my TD42T. What do you recommend to trigger the water pump and thermofan to turn on? Im thinking about buying one of these gauges pictured below, they have a built in trigger which can be used to switch relays. I'll drill and tap the sensor into the intercooler pipes and when it reaches my set temperature it will turn on the water pump and thermofan... Does this sound wise? do most people just run the pump from the ignition wire?




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Does the controller have a differential setting?

If so you could have a 2nd probe doing ambient temps and the other doing the IC temps and set them so when the IC goes say 10oC above ambient, it will trigger your fan and pump.

Otherwise you could set it to say 50 which should allow for summer temps and then if youwanted drop it a bit in winter for an extra buffer.

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