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Typical, corpo bs and one can only wonder what else is behind it. Oh George you were so right back in 1948.

Wait when MS jumps on the bandwagon (oops they're already have) and your new shiny W8 baby will start doing the same.

Everytime I hear word cloud and computers in one sentence I'm reaching for my proverbial gun.

This cloud biz is all about control,.... taking it away from us folks.


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Yep - Software will ALL be provided in the cloud - Eventually EVERYTHING will be rented to us bit by bit.

Electricity companies are allready on the ball with this - Smart meters are only the start, soon it will be smart houses - Where every appliance is monitored and controlled seperatly.

In futuristic movies where you see people paying 30 credits to do their washing or 10 credits for a piece of toast, this shit isnt far away. Soon, they will be charging us for every use of an appliance.

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