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The Ebay love & hate thread


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I Hate:


Auctions you watch for a week that suddenly end and the seller puts some crap like " item no longer available"

Idiots that when you win an auction are on your case inside of 24 hours saying you havent paid for it yet, when you going to pay, if you don't pay.... Yeah right. get a life. It's a $10 item and i bought it yesterday.

How ebay craps on that things buyers do like non paying bidders are criminals but when sellers muck buyers around or rip them off, the story is there is nothing they can do, leave neg feedback after carefully considering it.

Pi$$es me off how you can't permanently have the " Australia Only" filter on and have to click it for every search especially when it brings up items the sellers won't post and things that cost $100 are going to cost $1000 to post.

People that list a pile of things wrong, particularly with vehicles, then try to tell you the thing is in "Fantastic Condition" when it's hard to find a thing that is as it should be.

Arsewipes that reneg on the deal because the auction didn't get what they wanted.

People that post close up pictures of things like machinery name plates that are totally out of focus, unreadable and therefore completely freaking useless!


Idiots that over price something, advertise it 10 times then get all pissy and state in the ad this is the last time they are going to advertise the thing in a tone reminiscent of a spoiled brat.

People that ask Dumb questions that are clearly explained in the ad if they would read it.

Septics that want to know the price of sending stuff to the US even when you say local pickup only or you don't send OS.

Seeing things you want go cheap when you don't have the spare cash. When you do have the cash and are looking, you don't see the thing you are after for months. Happened to me 50 times!

People that want you to come to collect stuff but only seem to be available between the hours of 3:52 and 4:17 Am and aren't even going to be home then for the next 3 weeks but want the stuff picked up asap.

Going to pick something up and it's nothing like described or has half of it missing and the seller tries to convince you it doesn't matter or the way they described it is fair.

Ads that have one location specified then tell you the item has to be collected from 100 km away. Yeah, you can stick that.


I love:

Getting a bargain.

Getting a bargain and the seller is spewing when you pick the item up because you got the thing so cheap!!

Finding stuff you have been unable to get anywhere else.

Upsetting Gerbil Harvey by buying something for about 30% of what he charges... and it's delivered to your door.

When you get what you bought and the thing is heaps better than you thought or comes with a bunch of extra's you never realized.

When something was advertised as not working or parts only and when you get it, it requires only the most minor of repairs or none at all. had that happen a few times now.

Asking where else the item is advertised so you can buy it straight off and reading their upset replies and calling you a smart arse.

When you win an auction for one of the multiple items the person has and because none of the others have sold, they give you the rest for the same price to get rid of them and its things you can really use, give to mates who are over the moon to get them or re sell at good profit with a better written and catergorised ad.

Winning a ship load of old IT equipment for .99C and driving it straight to the scrap yard and getting $120 for it!

Asking people that have stupid reserves on cars, if the the $5000 they have over valued the thing is in 50's or 100's in the suitcase of cash in the boot that would justify the asking price, and watching them light up in their replys.

I laugh at:

People that advertise used goods for more than you can buy brand new even in a retail shop.

Ad's with the most basic spelling and grammatical mistakes that show the owner of the merchandise must be an idiot.

People that go on about how an item must be collected or removed by a certain date but then in their first ad put a finish date four days AFTER the required collection time!

Cars advertised for about double their value and then when you make the seller a realistic offer, they get all upset telling you they would never let it go for that.

I always wonder what they do end up getting and how long it takes for them to realize what a realistic value is.

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Hate.....make an offer alongside the buy it now price. Saw something I was after for $115 for one unit with free delivery so offered $110 for 3 and get told to make a realistic offer, felt like buying it separately 3 times over the course of a few weeks and have him waste the money on postage.

Sellers that don't leave feedback until after you do.

Sellers that send you emails telling you you've not paid for something and they're going to have your account suspended blah,blah blah and the item will be withdrawn.........oh wait didn't I pay for the item when I picked it up? Lol.

Deluded folk who get hung up on by the trading post cause they're asking too much.

Love..... All the bargains that can be had.

Being able to get stuff when stuck in bum f#%k nowhere.

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I loveeee paypals new policy of buy now, pay 21 days later


That would be great when buying new stuff you want now but know you won't have the cash till later.

Now, If Only I could get them to sort out my account once and for all so it F*%#ing works!

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