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What's a good Tablet?


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Thinking one of these tablet things may be useful and wondering if people can reccomend something good and suitable for me.

I would want to utilise it for showing and sending pics, linking it to my camera with Wi-fi for transfer and backup of pics and If I can linking it to my printers both with a cable and/ or wirelessly so I might be able to click on an image on the screen and Print the thing.

Can I run Lightroom or something on these tablets? what about word, excel etc?

Not sure what else I can do with it yet but I would prefer one that has a SD card slot I can use for extra memory storage (if any come with them) and have USB ports so I could also plug in a portable hdd. I would like a big screen so I can see the thing as well.

If anyone knows any other good photo programs ( business related not putting stupid effects on the images) I'd certainly be interested to know more.

I believe some of these things come with a built in camera as well. That might be something I could utilise for the event work.

If there was a way to take pics than email it direct to face waste, that would be useful.

Any recommendations for what might fit the Bill?

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The iPad is probably the best for that at the moment. I believe that a lot of photographers use it for a lot of what you want to do. But you may be better off looking at some of the lightweight netbooks, Macbook air or any Windows flavour.



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My wife owns the ipad (v1) and they can't wirelessly print to any wireless printer. It has to be airprint compatable. Also no usb ports or sd slots. I own an ASUS tf300t and I've downloaded an app for my printer and can now wirelessly print, has an 8mp camera too. But i'm biased away from apple products mostly (I own an iPhone).

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I have the ipad2 and can wifi to my printer which is good, you can gett google docs app for it which will be compatible with word etc.

You can backup with icloud and there is also wifi expansion hard drives available upto 64g from memory which is a bonus.

Otherwise a new model android running 4.0 honeycomb or windows tablet are the only other options

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I think I would prefer to avoid Apple (* Don's Kevlar Body armour and helmet and dives into the nearest trench to avoid the incoming flack *)

It may prove difficult integrating with everything else I own which is windoze/ PC based and that is something I rather avoid. It can be difficult enough getting stuff to talk now the way I set it up which no one has ever seem to have done before. Often people tell me it won't work even when I have had something working fine for months. Then to explain their Mistake I'm a liar. :rolleyes:

Anyway, any suggestions of tablets I can look into would be appreciated.

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I think your only option to keep it simple is a windows based tablet. They only down fall is these are usually not the smallest tablets due to a larger OS.

I'm assuming your setting up yourself for your photography?? Another option could be an all in one desktop pc?? We recently acquired one and it's great. A 50 something cm screen with one cable.. The power. It's a touch screen (stylus compatible), wireless keyboard and mouse if wanted, has a inbuilt cd writer (burner) and 500G HD.

It's a DELL, after using then for 15 yrs now my whole family uses them and can't fault them..

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That is a great suggestion I'll keep in mind for something else I'm looking at. The all in one won't work for what I have in mind as I'm looking for something ultra portable but it's perfect for something else. I was thinking of a laptop but I remember the software I want to run is touch screen compatible so that would be great.

I have a lot of Dells Too. I Have forgiven them for an incident years ago.

I bought a used laptop out of the trading post ( tells you how long ago it must have been) From a guy literally up the road from me that turned out to be stolen. When I tried ordering new ram for it, Dell informed the cops and they turned up at my door.

I still had the ad from the paper and a receipt and all the details but the chit the cops put me through knowing I didn't knock it off but wanting to collar the Guy was BullChit. This cop had a technique of ringing you with a story about a worst case scenario that might happen then ring you back 10-15 min later all apologetic that it would happen. After a few times it got old and Fking annoying.

They admitted straight up they knew I hadn't stolen the thing ( came from a break and enter at a ritzy North shore Suburb) and that what I had done such as write the serial number on the outside of the thing was not what someone who had knocked the thing off would do.

Didn't stop them treating me like the crim and wasting days of my time.

They wanted me to go to court to testify against the guy but failed to serve me a summons so I didn't go. I'd spent hours and hours in the cop shop and going for rides in Police cars to point things out for them so I had enough and didn't go. I knew they had found a heap of other people to testify so I made myself busy that day. The tosser cop then rang me to say " There may be a warrant issued for my arrest for failing to appear in court."

I lost it with the cop and ripped him 2 new ones. I dared him to arrest me for failing to appear and promised I'd make it my lifes work to show how I as the victim had been treated and all the bullschit I'd been put through. I told him his bad news antics were a crock of shit and it was all about him getting the glory of nailing the guys but he was doing Jack for me in getting my gear or money back so stuff him.

They confiscated the laptop when they first arrived and whenever I asked about getting it back or compensation, that got blown off with some ever changing chit about evidence and then having to do that through civil means.

Yeah, help you guys out but Fk me.

Anyway, after I gave it to the short arsed moron cop who's gun was 10 times bigger than his old fella, I never heard another thing about it.

I was damn pissed off at Dell though for dobbing me in with info I gave them in good faith and causing me all the hassle and I'd never help the cops with anything again. I know bloody well why people never see or hear anything now and I never will again either.

I probably have about 20 dell machines and 10-15 HP's and they have all been good. Some I had in my event trailer that fell off shelves 5ft up and smashed the casing to bits but still worked fine. Pretty impressed with that especially as I discovered it in the middle of no where right before setting up for a big 3 day event.

That said, I have a server and a workstation that refuse to load and setup and load an OS atm. I have put in new Hdd's and played with the ram and everything else I can think of on both of them but they just won't play ball.

Pitty because they were both great machines and I used them a lot.

I think the windoze Tablet may be best for me and I'll check out some of those all in ones as well. They would be perfect for something else I'm setting up.

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