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  1. Hmm, seems like a real adult response - you bash a forum member because he bashed another forum member, and then follow up with puerile insults. Why do you think you are entitled to act this way, and someone else isn't?
  2. He's making up for his absence from here by going all out on the other one. Oh, wait - I'm permabanned from there, so I don't really know how I know that. Let me guess - circular arguments introducing new and irrelevant "facts according to Ray!" at every post, and resorting to insults when pinned to the wall. Weird, though - he threw out his banana on the other forum a few months ago, and came here to new, greener pastures. Seems he got stuck in the fence and went back? I didn't see what got up his nose here - did someone say nasty things to him?
  3. Who said Jackaroo I loved mine, especially the build quality. Who said Jackaroo and taking on water in Nolans...... :D And, because I know it's a Patrol forum........
  4. Maybe so, but It's Ray who's doing the kindergarten dummy spit. Yes he knows a lot about Patrols, and is willing to share. But it's tiresome to click on View New Content and see 90% of the new threads are Ray whinging about his hated Labour Gov't, or throwing links from the daily newspapers mainly covering more political crap. I have in the past challenged him directly to join the Liberal Party so he can really contribute to ending Labour and fixing all the ills he sees, but he declined this suggestion. Kind of "put up or shut up"
  5. Nolans Brook has probably caught out more cars than any other on the Cape. It's deceptively deep, and my theory is if you don't leave at least 10 mins between vehicles for the sand on the northern side to re-pack you'll be owned. And it's full of snakes, too...
  6. He also thinks tounge input will never happen (clearly he's a nerd and a virgin at that........) but he does accurately verbalise what the interveiwer was really thinking - "it’s disconcerting to have the person sitting next you go blah, blah, blah, blah"
  7. If you need to lock at slow speeds, such as when descending steep tracks, the brake disconnect would be counter-intuitive; I can't say for sure, because I can't do it at the moment, but when descending in low low the engine would probably still provide insufficient braking to keep you crawling slowly, so the brake would still be required. If following someone downhill or just being cautious, you'd get pisssed off with having to unlock every time you want to stop or ease over a ledge. I think the proper solution is reduction gears for this sort of stuff, doubly useful if you run 33" for off-road rather than standard 31" H/Ts. Even better would be to run 4.6 diffs with 33" and then the T/C would lock up much better by itself. I run 32" highways, and even they bugger up the factory lockup due to the higher engine load being used by the ECU to decide when to lock. Pity a set of 4.6s and reduction gears is around $2300 plus installation
  8. Yes, you could put a switch between pin 30 and +12v, so that would completely override the speed switch and allow full lockup any time. I plan to add this extra switch as well.
  9. Speed sense is an excellent way for disengaging, especially on long trips when your brain goes into auto-pilot - if you have to stop for an eagle or brolga heading for your screen, you don't have time to disengage the manual switch, leading to stalling. That would be worse for the clutch IMO. I found that in practise I usually flicked the switch to off after it disengaged, so the re-engag at 60ks didn't happen too often. Acceleration was non existent at 60 in 4th with the T/C locked. Can't really say that it helped fuel economy, either. Best stage I got on the trip returned 11.5l/100, the worst was Oodna to Birdsville at 17.3l/100.
  10. I built this version using the above as a base, but did not fit the led shown near Pin3. Basically you can't engage the lock until the vehicle is above 60kph, and even if the switch is on, ot will disengage below 55kph. This means you can't stop and stall the engine. If you solw down below 55 and then accelerate gently back to cruising it will re-lock without too much thump, but it's not good if you accelerate heavily. It's really good when cruising outback roads where you are on and off the throttle a lot at around 75-90kph - without the override the T/C locks and unlocks and becomes really bloody annoying.
  11. I remember once driving at night with a pro photographer, and being tailgated by some lamebrain. He told me to grab a flash unit from the back, charged it up, and I aimed it out the back window and let it rip. We didn't see the nuisance again........
  12. I like Panadeine Soluble.
  13. GPSTI, on 19 July 2012 - 09:26 PM, said: Answer: Nothing. Question: What use is Linux?
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