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Seriously, How dumb are people?


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This last couple of days I have come across some first hand examples of how thick some people are.

The best one goes to the person that applied to the Job I advertised. I'm sure no one here will doubt me when I say I went into good specific detail in the ad so any prospective applicant had a good idea what it was about from the word go.

Last night I got an application that said. " I am interested in this ad position".

That was it. No other detail what so ever. So pittying the poor idiot, I replied:

"That's bloody great, I'm interested in finding someone to fill the position.

Seeing you didn't have enough sense to put your details or anything about yourself in your reply, I can automatically deduct that you do not have the brains to handle the job and are probably too lazy as well.

If you can't even apply for a job properly, how the hell are you going to do it properly if you did get it?"

Unreal. I have heard of this before. Applications with no name or contact details but I kind of put it down to urban legend. Clearly it's not.

I have gone into a venture with specialised work I had never done before and that didn't worry me a bit. I have grown the business almost over night to a point where I have serious commitments like I have never had before and that doesn't worry me. I am spending money on equipment and materials like never before and that doesn't worry me.

I have lined myself up enough work so I will be working almost 3 months, every single day non stop and that dosen't worry me.

Finding some people with brains and a heartbeat to work permanent part time in an easy job that I'm prepared to pay well, has me Chitting bricks. :(

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Thanks Guys.

It's a small consolation to know I'm not the only one.

I have to say though it's a 2 edge sword. While I have worked for myself the majority of my life, Every now and then I get this stupid notion that the grass must be greener without all the responsibility etc.

I have landed some good job but worked for totally incompetent bosses and companies who's policys on all sorts of things defies Imagination.

As a boss I know what makes a good employee but some of these companys and the managers etc need a kick in the head.

The last job I had was part time courier work for a Company that did pathology for animals, mainly for vets.

It was a great job with great people doing it but our manager and the upper management that backed her in spite of endless examples of incompetence and mismanagement were unbelievable.

Employers put a lot on their staff but so often fail to live up to what they demand themselves.

It's been a long time since I had people working for me back when I had a wedding Photography Studio. I had a lot of part timers shooting for me. I ALWAYS paid them over the going rate. Not a lot, the rate was about $150 a job, i'd give them 180-190. I also always made sure to thank them for their help compliment them on what they did right and find out what I could do so things were pt into place to prevent the things that went wrong happening again where possible.

Weddings are Tough game. You are dealing with overly excited, pedantic and usually stressed and over tired people.

The thing was, because my shooters were happy, they would go the extra mile on the day when it counted. 90% of the time the clients realised this, usually after the fact, and were grateful and very happy with their pics. In return I got a lot of referrals and the clients spent plenty.

Rather than a vicious circle it was a very happy one and I always felt the bit extra I gave my shooters more than came back to me. I used to laugh at other guys I knew who would screw their shooters for the last 10 Bux and then complain they were lazy or they started out well then went to crap or whatever. I used to say for a lousy 30-40 bux you can fix this but you are too naive to see it.

I have a lot riding on this new venture. I intend to pay my people well and then make sure to give them some unexpected bonuses as well. I'll be fussy on a lot of things they do and want it done right, right being my way and nothing else but I will make it worth their while. The other thing I do is talk to them and get input. What went right,l more importantly, what went wrong and what can I do to prevent that happening again so the staff are as happy as possible?

I like input and ideas, I'll be happy to steal anyone's brainwave for my own benefit and theirs.

You don't have to reinvent the wheel, just keep tweaking the dial till you get everything tuned in properly and it all runs like a swiss watch. Look after your people, treat them well, thank them for their efforts and show them you appreciate what they do for you.

It isn't rocker Surgery. :D

That's how you have happy staff, happy clients and a successful business.

At least according to my theory . :P

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